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Who do you consider your competitors?

List at least three similar businesses with the link to their website.
Are you already running and earning money with your business?

What business are you in? What specific need does or will your business fulfill?

Who would you say is your ideal customer (gender, location, age, income, lifestyle etc)

Who exactly do you want to serve? Who will benefit the most from your products and services?
What product (s) or service(s) do (would) you offer this customer?

How do (would) you deliver this product or service?

What is unique about your skills, talent and service? What makes you stand out from your competitors?

What are your goals in terms of your business? What are you hoping to achieve with this business?

Clearly state short-term, medium and long term goals using the specific, measureable, realistic and time sensitive statements.
List three brands that you believe capture the style and personality of your brand or how you want your brand to look.

Please provide the link to their website.
How would you like clients and prospects to perceive your business when they see your logo mark and other marketing materials?

What are your #1 fear or frustration in building your brand and really putting yourself out there?

Please list the specific areas you would like me to address on this call.
What would you say is your deepest passion and why do you have a desire to work with people in this way?

Have you tried anything to address these challenges in the past? If so, what did you do and what was the outcome?

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